Thomas Studio Photography: Delighting People Since 1995

We are a professional photography studio serving the Denver metro area. Our beautiful studio is is located just off of I-225 and Parker. We create professional portraits and artwork that makes our customers say “wow”. We create memories – memories you can touch.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Whether we are shooting in our studio, at our customer’s home, place of business, or playing outside, we photograph people at their best and capture moments that last a lifetime.

We’ve been graphic designers and multimedia creators since 1995, leading teams of incredibly creative humans, producing for clients located around the world. Since 2012, we’ve moved behind the camera. More intimate, personal projects have become incredibly appealing to us. We live and shoot in Parker, Colorado – an area filled with natural beauty and wonderful, vibrant people. It’s a perfect fit for our focus and direction.

Our Pricing

We are classically trained, with degrees in Communication and Education, as well as professional photography certificates and recognition from the Denver School of Photography and the Photography Institute. We are Canon shooters and Mac enthusiasts. We are creative to the core.