AlexmaddyWe are a boutique shop and our prices reflect the quality, promptness and attention to detail we pride ourselves on. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Our sitting fee starts at $55 for a typical 30 minute session and we offer ala cart pricing on all printed artwork. This means you purchase only what you want and not a “package” containing pieces you may not be interested in. We do ask for a minimum print purchase of $600.

We provide a 30 minute consultation, with the option to shoot in the studio or in a beautiful Colorado outdoor location, plus a private viewing of your finished shots about a week after our time together. Depending on the fee structure you decide on, you will have he opportunity to view 20-75 finished photos at your “reveal” viewing session. Your order is processed at the time of the viewing session and arrives about a week later.  While we offer a variety of canvas, acrylic and metal art pieces, a client typically pays $1100 for their images.

We don’t just “print photos”. From our 4X6 images to our larger 16X20 prints, all photographs are matted and textured to last hundreds of years. Every image is professionally printed by our external lab. We color balance our 4K monitors to the lab specifications so the photos you see during your review look like the photos you receive.

What about the digitals? For every printed images, you receive a copy of the digital image for free. It’s our experience that photographers who provide only digital images rob you the experience of a printed memory. Watch our video below:

We preserve memories. Your memories. We create memories you can touch.