Executive Headshots

Your headshot is a critical element to your success. How often you get referrals from your social media accounts and how many inquiries are coming from your LinkedIn profile is an indicator of whether or not your headshot is working for you. If the phone isn’t ringing, you might want to check your headshot.

Is your “professional image” a shot you cropped while on vacation, holding a fruity rum drink? Are you leaning over the shoulder of someone cropped from the shot? Are your eyes pointed with little red dots from a flash? Is your image background busy or shadowy? Is your face hidden or shaded? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time for a new headshot.

What if your current headshot is professionally done, with proper lighting and background? Regardless of how professional the photography, the key question should be “Does my current headshot photo look like me?” Hairstyles change. People gain or lose weight. Style and fashion change. People get plastic surgery and change their look.  If you no longer look like yourself, then it’s time for a new head shot.

Professional business people should get new headshots every 18-24 months.