Executive Headshot - Chef EricExecutive

Executive headshots can be a very serious business, but they don’t have to be. Successful business people are humans too! They have hopes, dreams, and a vision – both personally and professionally. We work with executives to ignite that unique something that makes them special. In turn, the traditional, boring old “headshot” turns into something expressive, unique, and spectacular.

LinkedIn and Facebook profile picture not fully convey your awesomeness? Your Match.com or eHarmony photo not reeling in quality companions? Does the idea of uploading digital media to these kind of sites drive you crazy? Let us help.

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Modeling Headshot - SamanthaModels, Actors and Entertainers

When it comes to portraits of entertainers and models, my goal is to not merely record you, but to capture you – your personality, your unique style, and whatever else you’d like to convey. I use conversational techniques, memory recall, and other methods to draw out your full, expressive nature. Your headshots should get you noticed and get your phone ringing. Anyone can take a photo of your smile and your sparkling eyes, but our experience posing and lighting creative people differentiates your shots from everyone else’s. Let us know how we can help.

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